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This is Mustafa! I'm from the Ecole de la 2ème Chance, I have 3 weeks of internship at Fablab. My three weeks will be discovering the machines, taking part in different experiences. This is my second week,I'm spending a very nice time, so rich of information, and meeting so many friendly members, who are always ready to support.

Carnet de bord

Make a new raincoat with an old raincoat

Start discovering the machines and step by step. My first idea is to make Raincoat with my old raincoat which is useless

1- Measuring my old raincoat.

2- Looking for the recommendation from the members around me.

3- Starting to take the measuring of my body: up-body height :70cm; round width: 90cm. And taking my arm's measure starting from the distance between my neck and shoulder 20cm, from my shoulder till my elbow its 28cm by giving a bit more comfort for the elbow and taking my round arms width from the shoulder and the wrist

4- After taking all the small details, I'm going to start with a sewing machine. As I have a very fragile raincoat, it cannot be sewed by machine or hands, so I decide to add cloth from inside, as you see on the photo, to make support.

Discover the Fablab

Here is the Decouverte de Fablab meeting with people has projects and participating nice experiences

Fix my laptop

In PING association local, we tried to figure out why my battery isn't charging.... and we start cleaning the system: we opened the laptop, to do the diagnostic: does the problem comes from the motherboard? Or from the battery itself? Eventually, we found out the motherboard was fine, so we opened the battery to check it from inside. Indeed, we observed a burned "connection".

Making the "chtemele" game

Here I'm making Fabrication of the Chtmele Game: I download the cards, printed them, and I cut all of them. Then, I build up and designed a box for the Chtemele game: as you can see on the picture. so now I'm designing the box of the game by using the Inkscape application after taking all the measure of the box from the internet site

Here is the svg file of the box

Boite de Chtmele.svg

Learning Python language online

I got the opportunity to study Python language online with Udacity. it's online courses for one million Arab Coders. One Million Arab Coders

This the presentation

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You have up to 8 weeks to complete this course before the final assessment. There are no deadlines over this period, but we recommend you embrace a steady learning routine.

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